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Hullo. Thanks for any donations. ;hugstight

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if you wish it

My name's Angel, but people call me Anon. I don't really have a gender so it doesn't matter. Kinda being slow with art&shit. I like to consider myself a princess. I'm too gay to function. I'm trying to figure out my art style.. mylifesuckskaibye

:bulletblue: Youtube

:bulletblue: Art tumblr

Sorry I'm keeping you guys waiting.
I'm trying to come up with some cool projects for you guys. Especially because I've reached 200+ watchers!~
Which makes me utterly happy! So I'm coming up with some Nalu fanart and I hope to be more active as soon as I can.
I have my tablet all working now and everything, I just need to fit in time to draw. But damn, I'm so excited to start some new projects for you guys. I hope you don't mind if I start drawing free stuff as in original characters and just my own things in general. 'Cause I know a lot of you watchers are only here for my fanart huh? ;sniff; But that's okay, it's cool.
I won't be doing anymore fanart of just fairytail. 'Cause lets face it, all I've been doing is FT related shit. So I'm gonna try doing some other fanart as well. I hope you don't mind. Of course you dont. It's my art anyways, pft. BUT HEY! Thanks for the 200+ watchers! I'll get a special gift out for you guys as soon as I can.
K thats all, adieu.


Let your powers shine [nalu week - bonus day] by willowspritex3
Let your powers shine [nalu week - bonus day]


Here’s a little cross-over nalu for Nalu’s week bonus day “Shine”

follow my tumblr cause im more active there :

Gruvia WIP by willowspritex3
Gruvia WIP
working on a short comic/doujinji. I wanted to do one for nalu as well but I was more motivated to do this for some reason. There will probably be 4 or 5 pages. Its also my first attempt at a manga style comic so bear with me. 
RoodmofoJean by willowspritex3
Decided to draw my Highschool!Jean from my fanfic which you can read here >…
Trying to get 10 kudos until I upload the next chapter for it pff. Anywhore, just gonna leave this here buhbye
Chiye by willowspritex3
I'm so proud that I drew this without having to look at a reference at all. Woop.
I've been practicing to draw poses and stuff without references and let me tell ya, it's hard as stale bread man.

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Shizuoki Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014  Student Filmographer
Hello, I love your series Profanity and Unlikely Conditions.
My favorite character is Kandyce and Ford. They make the perfect duo like Bonnie and Clyde. There is something about Kandyce that really makes you think about her personality and why she does the things she does, like if she had a bad past of some sort. And Jaydan is so pretty. And your art. It is awesome. Don't even get me started, It is so perfect. I love Fairy Tail... like oh my goodness that show is soooo so so so good. My favorite drawing is the one titled "Chirp Natsu Chirp" and "Camazing Hoodie Contest". And I REALLY like your shading, you should make more speed paints more often. And to top it all off with some cherries, your sarcastic personality is
cool. The total opposite of mine. We should be friends, yes? It would be an honor of mine to call someone like you my friend.
willowspritex3 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2014
Ohmai. I am so flabbergasted, dun even know what to say. I am flattered though, very. I'm glad you like my series, it means a lot. And for you to love my art too, oho ^^ Yeee, fairytail is probably one of the biggest fandoms I'm in. I suck at being in fandoms lol. But FT is awesome sauce. I do hope to get more art done soon. I've got like.. ugh. So many projects. ;sobs; 
I hate my coloring, that's something I'm still working on... actually I'm still working on a lot of things. Hah. I really should do more speedpaints. I'll probably make a separate channel for that though -3- 
Oh you, sarcasm is like, my first language. Ahuehue. Doll, I'm so down with being friends. In fact, come into my basement where you will never be able to leave <33 
Don't worry, I've got home made cookies all le time. You'll never starve with me around. Hehe.
Shizuoki Featured By Owner Edited Jul 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
That is so rad! You're kidding! Who's your favorite Fairy Tail character? Haha, I love Grey but I ship Natsu and Lucy. And pshh, dude. If I had the talent and the time, I wouldn't totally draw their shipment all day long! Haha, by the way do you have a skype?
DementedHula Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Hiii. \(ovo)/
I don't even know.
Spread the loveee~
willowspritex3 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Hullo hullo =3=
I don't even know either but okay.
;spreads love; ~
DementedHula Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Good job. Ben is now amused. :iconbendrownedplz:
willowspritex3 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
Dammit Ben. Where are my goshdamn cookies? Dun do this to me again *^*
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xXRed-InfernoXx Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there! Hi! welcome to :iconartistsforever:

We are very happy you have joined and look forward to see your art in our gallery and your future contribution to the group!! :) (Smile) If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to note the group or contact any of our admin members.

Bullet; RedThe rules and…

Thanks for reading,
Contributer of ArtistsForever:happybounce:
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